Materials: Water, Light, Subwoofer, Microphones Sound Wave was commissioned by Ogee74 to represent Catalano, industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of the finest Italian sanitary ware products. “The Ogee”, the concept behind the Ogee74 collection of bathroom brands, is a serpentine line that evokes liveliness and movement. The Ogee or the “line of beauty” as described in William Hogarth’s treatise on The Analysis of Beauty evokes waves and the flow of water. Sound wave has flourished from this representation of beauty and directly relates it to the design of Catalano products. Using light, water and sound, the subtle curve is recreated in a peaceful and beautiful light installation. By translating sounds from a nearby Catalano washroom into ripples and waves at the surface of water, the viewer’s perception and consideration of the product is cleverly altered through an amusing and interactive installation. Sound Wave is a true representation of what Catalano is all about: honest and beautiful design.

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