“First of all the locations the Farmiloe building, a former lead/glass merchants warehouse, is simply amazing. Rarely open to the public is now guesting a plethora of great installations and is a superb inspiring and socially interacting space where to hang out. Particularly inspiring has been Sound Wave by Sarah Wiestner for Ogee74 (“line of Beauty”). The installation using light, water and sound, recreates this curve in a peaceful and beautiful light installation. By translating sounds from Catalano washroom into ripples and waves at the surface of water, Sarah cleverly alters the viewer’s perception and consideration of the products, through an amusing and interactive piece of art.”

WALLPAPER I May 26, 2011
“Artist Sarah Wiestner‘s perspective-altering mirror and light staircase installation, a surprise last-minute addition to Clerkenwell Design Week, worked well with the existing structure of the building”

ADP INTERIORS I May 24, 2011
“Another interesting space used for the festival this year is the house of detention. Previously a Victorian prison, several designers have their products on show in the cells! Part of the space has also been transformed by Sarah Wiestner, an artist and designer, using mirrors and lights to form an installation that questions our perception of space. A short walk from the Farmiloe Building this is definitely a must see!”

BD ONLINE I May 25, 2011
BD’s top 5 things to see:
N.4 Introspection: Initially baffling and then engaging this luminous delight by Sarah Wiestner turns a capped off stairwell into an inviting haven.

“In the middle of this walk of discovery, we bumped into this stunning installation by Swiss artist and designer Sarah Wiestner. Introspection (2011) is a visual game, made out of acrylic mirror, MDF, and LED lights that challenges the spectator’s conception of space and perspective. Sarah recently graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design with a Masters in Interior & Spatial Design and currently works as a Designer at 1508 London.”

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