Materials: Water, Acrylic Paint Diffraction is the product of a year’s research during my Mater’s program at Chelsea College of Art & Design. During that year my focus was placed on analysing the process of transformation on a perceptual level and as it happens in space and through time. The way we perceive space is directly associated with the way we experience it through our bodily senses. Our sense of vision is the most evident to us. As a result, it is the most important sense in our understanding of space. For this reason, studies of light and colour are central to my work. This piece challenges the viewer’s spatial perception and through the slow process of transformation, lets him appreciate the qualities of the light travelling through space. Light is materialised when it passes through the slabs of ice and the colours projected provoke a spatial sense and generate an emotional response. The movement of the sun and the melting of the ice are representative of the passing of time.

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